Here at Lone Star Cane Corso we are a hobbyist breeder that believes in quality not quantity. After researching and studying the breed and its history, we decided to purchase our first Corso and have loved the breed ever since. This is not a breed for everyone, make sure you do your research. They are large, strong, and impressive dogs that require lots of exercise, love, and attention. Our dogs are from some of the most sought after names in both American and Italian bloodlines. All of our dogs are treated as members of the family with daily socialization and exercise. We not only breed for type, but also for health and temperament. Our breeding stock is Penn Hipped, OFA, or VDH certified DJD free. In doing all this we hope to better the breed as a whole and produce some of the most well rounded Corsi in the country. All puppies come with a 2 year guarantee against DJD and other health conditions. The dogs compete in confirmation events and have had great success and will continue to do so in the future. We have also begun training for pulling events, expect to see us soon. We love the breed and so will you, but before purchasing your Corso do your homework on the breed and breeders. Like they say all breeders are not created equal and may not have the breed’s best interest at heart. Remember all of this when choosing your puppy and breeder. Feel free to call or contact us if you have any questions or comments about us or our dogs.

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